College campus jobs are great for students who are looking for part-time work! As students know, tuition is expensive, and time is often limited. Since the balance can be difficult, many find it beneficial to have a job employed by their college. Beyond money and time, they are great for making connections and learning new skills. If this sounds like you or a student you know, consider the following jobs and resources below.


For those on campus:

Teaching Assistant:

Many colleges hire students to work as teaching assistants. Most often, these students took the course, performed well, and are now back to assist the professor. Here, your tasks might vary, but key responsibilities often include grading, proctoring exams, and tutoring.

If you would like to work as a teaching assistant, you will need to contact the professor you would like to work for. You can also reach out directly to those in charge of your department.



If you enjoy your college café, consider working there! As a barista, you can learn to make espresso drinks, work as a cashier, and learn to serve a long line of customers. These skills are beneficial to college students looking to make some extra cash, but also for those looking to work with the public post-graduation. Another perk: you will probably get some discounts on your cup of coffee, too!

To work as a barista, you will want to contact those in charge of hiring at the coffee shop. Or get in touch with those who work at your career service office as they will be able to point you in the right direction.


Tour Guide

If you are a proud student of your school, you can work as a campus tour guide. This job will require a lot of enthusiasm, people skills, and time on your feet! But if you enjoy talking about your college and meeting potential students, this job can be for you. To score a role like this one, you will have to contact your career service office.

Do you need more ideas? Did you know, many colleges often hire students to work as library attendants, fitness instructors, and mailroom attendants? Each of these jobs can help you make a little extra cash and gain experience all while staying on campus.


For those studying remotely:

Campus Ambassador

Many large companies like Tommy Hilfiger, Keurig, Google, FabFitFun, and other well-known brands hire campus ambassadors. If you hold this role you will promote the companies’ brand to your classmates and peers. Usually, you will get some free products, discounts and paid for your services. Jobs like these can be found online, through social media platforms, and on the Intern Queen Instagram account.


Peer Tutor

If you do exceptionally well in a particular subject, you can tutor one of your peers. Many colleges look for tutors to provide this service, already. But if not, you can do it on your own, too. This experience is both great for your resume and will additionally allow you to make extra money while working with one of your fellow classmates. Although these jobs are often held on campus, with the help of Zoom and other forms of technology you can do it remotely, too.

Jobs like these can be found online, or more information can be found on your college website.


Research Assistant:

Colleges will often hire students to assist in academic or private research that is usually overseen by a professor or faculty member. In most cases, you will help the professor with their research or project. Like above, thanks to technology – students can now do many research projects at home. For those interested in a role like this one, contact your college department to see if anyone in your degree field is hiring.

If you would like a few more ideas, many colleges often hire students to work in the auxiliary office, the career service office, and look for those to help with all different types of media coverage, including articles that can be written and contributed remotely.

In addition to the roles above, if you would like to work on your college campus check out these job search sites: LinkedIn, Handshake, Intern Queen, and Ed2010 are great resources for students looking for employment.